Freedom Of the Seas – Mediterranean Cruise

Our 7 day mediterranean cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Of the Seas starting in Barcelona June 2017 Donatas & KiK.




6 Responses so far.

  1. Elie Nehme says:

    take me with you !!!!!!!!! 😉

  2. Pill Sharks says:

    Just arrived back after doing this trip and highly recommended. Staff were great considering they work for 6 months without a day off!
    Really had a great time and will defiantly be back!

  3. I bought the same shirt that you were wearing on the escalator!  Good job on the video!

  4. José B. says:

    Great video Donata! I hope make one next week!

  5. ed val says:

    Great video! What camera or camcorder are you using? Going on same trip in August.

  6. Wow nice video! Can´t wait for the next one

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