Holidays – Mauritians Prefer the Cruises

Within a few days will be school holidays. Already, many Mauritians have prepared the coming weeks. And there is a distinguished preference for cruises aboard of luxury liners. In fact, guided by their dreams of total disorientation, they will take off to go to the discovery of the Mediterranean seas. And with the depreciation of the euro and the rise of dollar, tours in Europe seem to increase slightly compared to the destination in Asia, which remains very popular.

The Mauritian people are beginning to develop a particular passion for Cruises. Possibly, it is because the package which is inclusive of accommodation and meals are attractive. In fact, it is a holiday package that seems to attract more and more. The manager of White Sand Travel has also confirmed the same tendency, saying that Mauritian people are opting more and more for cruises in the Mediterranean seas.

What causes this craze among Mauritian?

This is principally due to the many high standard activities offered on board of the liners. But they have planned their holidays well in advance.

In August, the cost of a cruise from seven to eight nights including airfare varies between Rs 90,000 and Rs 110,000 per head. The travel companies have their regular customers. There is one who will leave for the third time. However, traditional destinations like Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai for shopping are still very popular.

The flights to Singapore and Malaysia are completed sold out but it seems that there is a slowdown in bookings as compared to the same period of last year. According to Atom Travel, maybe people are waiting for cruises scheduled for the end of the year from Singapore on Costa Cruises ships. Whereas the Director of Summer-times has the opinion that there are many more demands for the destination of South Africa because of promotional fares, and Hong Kong for Disneyland. In addition, those who go to Hong Kong benefit the opportunity to visit Singapore and Malaysia with the same global package.

Others will avail the opportunity of school holidays to visit their children studying in Australia or South Africa. There are promotional fares on these two destinations but very often, the number of seats is limited. The director of Blue Sky says there is a strong demand for organized tours to Europe this year. There is an exceptional opinion shared by the Manager of Mauritours. According to her, the reason is that we no longer need visas to travel to certain countries in Europe. The decline of the pound sterling and the euro also swing into our favor.

Nearer to Mauritius, Rodrigues is no exception, especially with promotional fares of Air Mauritius since late 2009 and the packages offered by hotels. The ticket for Rodrigues costs Rs 5430 against Rs 8100. This reduced price will last until the end of the year.

Source by Valirie Senek

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