P&O Azura Cruise and Ship Tour (Mediterranean)

Mediterranean cruise on the Azura, August 2013. 17 nights. Includes: -tour of ship -tour of balcony cabin (A418) -food on board (including Seventeen, Sindhu, Verona Trattoria, Meridiian, The…




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  1. Dannyjhb says:

    Love your videos. Off on Azura for first time in Jan. Can't wait

  2. just got back from holiday had a lovely time  recommend p o if you was on same trip as me do you Rember barney the dog date sun 14th may till 28th may

  3. Petra Brown says:

    Love this ship, will be back on her in July and will be our 34th cruise. LOVE IT!

  4. how many cruises have you been on

  5. Matt Perrett says:

    Great video! Used this to help book my summer holiday 2016!

  6. krewestar says:

    You was spot on about the Azura last year now we are on the Ventura in June. Any inside info?

  7. HazelAgnes48 says:

    Just back from a Caribbean cruise on this ship.  Lovely holiday.Hazel.

  8. rockcrazyken says:

    neat filming, neat editing too!

  9. krewestar says:

    Love the new tune & BTW only 5 weeks 6 days

  10. Toni Baker says:

    off to the med on july the 11 th for our second cruise on the AZURA she is beautiful ty for the video

  11. We did a similar cruise in June 2014 – Flew out and boarded 'Azura' in Genoa then our last port was Venice – just beautiful throughout. Blimey, the 'Bay of Biscay' looked so calm, each time we've been through it, its been quite an experience lol – Lovely video 🙂

  12. krewestar says:

    Excellent video we cant wait till july 11th when we will be on the azura

  13. Great video. We've just booked a cruise on this ship for August 2015 and this has really wetted our appetite!

  14. Brilliant video, we were on this cruise too A320
    Wonderful memories thanks 🙂

  15. What a super video. Can't wait to stay on Azura later in the year. Thankyou for uploading this. 🙂

  16. Thanks hope things are good with you

  17. Great video … Sailing on Azura on 7th April to Canaries for 12 nights and this has given us a real taste of what's to come … Thanks

  18. Lovely video, The Bay of biscay looked calm! We enjoyed a week on Azura in Norway last May so its nice to see her in the sunshine too

  19. ormonde1111 says:

    Thanks for great views of the ship! We are on this ship for Caribbean cruise at end of January. Can't wait especially after seeing this!

  20. mobydick159 says:

    Thanks for great video. We go on the Azura round the Carribean from 16/11/13 for 2 weeks. The food looks amazing as does the boat. Glad you had a great time….

  21. ricketts189 says:

    thats weird are house keeper was called jerry as well looked like you had fun

  22. Ha ha! I did actually go to the gym about 4 or 5 times…much needed! It's crazy how much we ate in 17 days! No, not taking the video down, it's our memory too. The pizza was about a 5 min walk down the river from St Mark's Square so not too bad really. Never thought a "potato pizza" would have chips thrown on top though! Funny.

  23. Alison Bowen says:

    Thanks. The pizza didn't cost as much as I thought it might have done – maybe you didn't buy it in St Mark's Square area. I hope you don't remove the video as it will give us some lovely memories especially as there are some parts of the video where I know me and my husband must have been just out of shot. I reckon the real reason I didn't spot you is that you must have spent most of your time in the gym working off all the calories from the food you ate!

  24. We must have seen each other at some point! Glad you had fun; it was a lovely break! The Venice pizza was about 10 euros…could have been worse! Enjoyed both Sindhu and XVII very much too 🙂 At least you can use this video now as a reminder 😉

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