PROSPERITY Aromatherapy DEAD SEA SALT SCRUB by Ja’Mi, with Himalayan and Mediterranean Salts for the RICHEST COMBINATION OF MINERALS. Made with all-natural 100% pure ESSENTIAL OILS in a proprietary blend of Bergamot, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Ginger, Black Pepper Essential Oils with Nourishing Vitamin E (8 ounces).

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PROSPERITY Dead Sea Salt & Himalayan Salt Scrub. For Uplifting, invigorating and promoting well-being, this proprietary blend of salts, oils and essential oils help detoxify the body while exfoliating the skin helping to reduce itching and flaking. Savor the Refreshing, crisp, slightly sweet – citrus aroma of this proprietary blend of Essential Oils. The energy is invigorating and uplifting
Ja’Mi Products natural aromatherapy products clear energy, invigorate the senses, raise your vibration and bring the mind, body and spirit into perfect harmony. You are invited to experience these healthy, inspirational and uplifting natural products specifically developed and created to awaken your senses while clearing your mind.
Free of harmful ingredients such as:
– Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
– Synthetic Ingredients
– Fragrance
– Parabens
– Petroleum
– Animal Cruelty
– Gluten
– Phthalates
– GMOs
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