Regal Princess Cruise Ship Room Tour

We sailed on the Regal Princess during our Mediterranean cruise. Check out what a room with a balcony looks like on this cruise ship and some of the …




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  1. Ahhh….the memories!  We did this itinerary last year with Norwegian.  12 nights on the Med Sea…..loved it.  Wasn't Dubrovnik one of the most beautiful and quaint little cities????

  2. Glen Smith says:

    Man that's what I call a cruise fantastic

  3. Greece💙💙💙

  4. Ad0rKavlog says:

    I'm going on my first cruise next month to Galveston Texas my mom got my brother and I the ocean view instead is it good?

  5. kieran89cpt says:

    +Bricks Travels hey u guys should go to cape town, south africa. There is so much to do and it will be so cheap for u guys. You can get 13 south african rands for $1. You can go paragliding, go to one of the 7 wonders of the world: table mountain, see penguins, sip cocktails and chill at the beach and go to robin island to see the prison cell Mandela lived in.

    South Africa is very beautiful and you will have fun. 

  6. xcoolfayex says:

    i love these vids i foudn you out by trish, i love them!! i like how you take us through your days :D

  7. Omg that view. 😍

  8. Love it!! And you two make such a cute couple <3

  9. Kim Kelly says:

    That's a nice room for a cruise ship .. Calling it little ? Atleast it doesn't have bunk beds and one tiny circle window ! Lol! You guys are so sweet , but you sounded so spoiled while doing this 😉 still think you two are amazing though!

  10. room tour, just like ur sissssster does 😉 haha jk. this is beauitful just like u both! can't wait to go on our next cruise together!!!!!!

  11. Devon Chase says:

    You two are so cute. I love your videos!

  12. I agree completely about getting the balcony, well worth it! Ive been on 2 cruises and on 1 cruise we had quite rough weather, so I was wondering has this ever happened to you guys while cruising?

  13. kimmberley says:

    you should do a Q&A video!

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