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Круиз по средиземному морю MSC Splendida Cruise on Mediterranean sea by ship MSC Splendida

Круиз по средиземноморью в январе-феврале 2017г. на круизном лайнере MSC Splendida. Италия. Франция. Испания. Мальта… rated:0.00 viewed:201 source

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MSC Poesia cruise ship Mediterranean panoramic sea views may 2016

Just relax 😉 Nothing to considerate, nothing to think, just open sea with MSc Poesia fantastic cruise ship. rated:5.00 viewed:459 source

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MSC Splendida, mediterranean navigation day, MSC Cruises

MSC Splendida, mediterranean navigation day, MSC Cruises MSC Splendida is Fantasia-class cruise ship owned and operated by MSC Cruises. She entered service in March 2009, as a sister ship to MSC Fantasia. She was t… rated: viewed:816 source

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MSC Splendida Cruise Ship

MSC Splendida Cruise Ship The MSC Splendida cruise ship. A glimpse of what's onboard this ship that sails the Mediterranean from Rome/Civitavecchia to Genoa, Italy, Marseille, France,… rated: viewed:100665 source

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