Wave Hits Cruise Ship

A wave’s spray hits the windows on deck 11 of the Celebrity Summit while in the Mediterranean Sea in an amazing storm.




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  1. The wave didn't hit Deck 11, the spray from the wave hitting the bow of the ship hit Deck 11.

  2. 20 feet? That would be easily 40-50 feet.

  3. Lifter85 says:


  4. yep agree her voice is shit

  5. James Kirk says:

    she should be in her cabin getting pounded

  6. ben garcia says:

    Welcome to the sailors life

  7. CRACK BABY says:

    you think that was impressive. You should see me bust a nut

  8. Chinmay says:

    after 0.48 bunch of orgasms there

  9. "Ahhh, hahahahahaha, woooo" they're not fireworks, I'd have a vest on like a bitch, right near an exit-preferably within reach of a raft.

  10. Nash says:

    fuckin annoying voice!

  11. i was hoping a wave would come up, and hit these morons in the face's for being that stupid to be standing next to glass

  12. Adventureguy says:

    on what cruis ship was this

  13. FIGJAM says:

    why does this obvious lesbian think we want to hear her talk about what is "crazy cool"

  14. elena Sal says:

    You sound like candice acola aka Caroline Forbes the vampire diaries

  15. Adventureguy says:

    waves can get bigger the deck 11

  16. It's not a wave that hit their window, its ocean spray from the wave! LOL

  17. I thought people who had enough money to go on cruises would have enough money to buy a camera instead of a potato

  18. sam mich says:

    The mist hit you on deck 11 honey.Not the wave.

  19. James Deane says:

    Christ her voice is annoying

  20. Mr C Mr C says:

    20 foot waves..and the rest !

  21. Bigwavemaster1Monster wave my arse. Much bigger waves and closer on my channel. And all filmed on board my ship.

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