What You Should Know Before You Leave On Your Cruise Vacation

A cruise vacation is always an exciting opportunity to unwind and see places and people that you have never seen before. And in the meantime, you can get away from the regular pace of your normal life. But before setting sail it’s a good idea to know as much as you can about cruising, especially if it’s your first cruise, and so here are some things you should know before you leave on your next cruise vacation:

* Most cruise lines have policies against bringing liquor on board with you. You can certainly buy drinks once you are on board, but generally they do not allow you to buy alcoholic beverages at ports of call and then drink them on board the ship. Just make sure of this policy in advance though.

* Smoking policies vary considerably among the various cruise lines but all do not allow smoking in restaurants on board. For those that wish to enjoy a completely smoke free atmosphere, Carnival does offer such an experience on board the Paradise cruise ship.

* If you are traveling alone, it may be best to look for singles cruises as most standard cruise fares are made for two people occupying the same room. If you are traveling alone then, you are obviously paying quite a bit more for the ticket than is necessary.

* You will still be able to stay in touch while cruising as all cruise lines make available phone calls and internet access for those that wish to email. However, expect extra charges for taking advantage of these services.

* If you are going to sail, use the right lingo when you do. Port means left, and starboard is right. The vessel is a ship, not a boat. Aft is the back of the ship and the bow is the front. All flooring is called a deck, not a floor. If you are going to enjoy the adventure, why not use the colorful language too, right?

Cruising on royal carribean cruise lines, carnaval cruises, and disney cruise ships, as well as others, can be a fun adventure for everyone if you understand in advance what requirements are involved. So be sure to read them carefully as supplied by your cruise line and you can have the vacation cruise of your life.

Source by Thad Pickering

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